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I will say little and show much this time around.  Enjoy the photos. Were hard at work here in Alaska!

- RK



Chugach Powder Guides Serving up the Chugach Feb 2016.




Chugach Powder guides very own Corey Anderson:





If your in need of something special and don't want to get out of your slippers your in luck!  The Sundry Shop @ Hotel Alyeska Has what you need.





 I was just out driving to and from when I turned the corner and "Wham!" a photograph hit me right in the face.





Lynsey Dyer Warming up.

RKP_LynseyLynsey finding a peaceful moment.




Amber Of Rambler Knits posses for a profile shot.





I had a friend visiting me who was thinking about climbing Denali.  I say to my friend: "The mountain spirit wants you to hike her Ashley, she does not lift her cloud skirt & show off so often.  Just look at how much she showed of herself to you on your first hello!"





Some  amazing people in this world.  Here is Jodi posing for a head shot she needed for her non profit that helps educate women in Pakistan.






Barry Sless Of Moonalice creates some magic on the slide Guitar: RKP_midwinter2016-13Moonalice





Lynsey does not have to try too hard to get the shot.  I on the other hand work like crazy, half the time skidding into a perfect shot with intuition and luck, somehow no snow fell between my lens and Lynz's face and on top of that I was able to focus my 85 1.2 in the dark and have my lights and exposure just right.

RKP_Lynz (1 of 1)-4RKP_Lynz (1 of 1)-4




Lynsey "working".





Spine Cell Looking truly epic! This photo taken Second week of Feb before it went under a storm, its got at least five feet of fresh since and its not supposed to stop for another week.





Snow, mountains, curves, light, dark.  Beautiful just beautiful.



What up dude?! :) haha





 Inspect these next two pics, I'm enjoying a new lens and am quite happy with its quality!


       Same Image Cropped tight:





Here Is Brook Edwards skiing Alyeska under the sun and winning me a photo contest!  Thank You MSP for liking my photograph and giving me New Skis!



[email protected] (Ralph Kristopher) Alaska Alyeska Chugach Powder Guides Helicopter Skiing https://www.ralphkristopher.com/blog/2016/2/mid-winter-roller-coster Fri, 26 Feb 2016 08:46:27 GMT
A few clicks ago https://www.ralphkristopher.com/blog/2015/12/a-few-clicks-ago Hello dear website viewer.  How is your day?  How is your imagination?  Is your imagination connected to your daily life?  I remember my childhood imagination, a passion a blissful state of wonder and discovery.  At times I come in contact with this child, still alive and wanting to connect more with my adult self.  It is at  these times when I sit and look at some of the images I've been created that I find a piece of youthful euphoria, it is a reflection of self experience, of a shared experience.  

People often ask me  "how to take a picture".  Such a loaded question but, I think it's about identifying the elements and paying attention to each one and the relations to themselves.  But I want to ask WHY take a picture.  Ya see, ya' cant always know before hand, or the reasons you thought turned out to be so different to the value of the image later.   I've been working on a series for a few years now and I guess have been slowly releasing images from this series.  It's an artists work, our vision sometimes is so particular we have no need to rush but only to wait for the right images to fall into creation through organic process.  Here are a few from my Frozen & In Motion Project, Ice & Water, a focus (this is a working title).  It's fantastically rewarding to me on a very personal level, I cant express the fun of this except to recall my blissful states of wonder and discovery I had in my youth.  


The Snow is falling and it is full-on winter here in Alaska.  I find myself quite fortunate to have the opportunity to photograph Lynsey Dyer and work with local guides,skiers and athletes such as Jeff Hoke, Karl & Maeve Lavtar.  There are a plethora of fantastically unique and gifted people here in Alaska, I find myself inspired by long time locals of all types.  Life is not easy but as long as you really like the hard it's not that bad. 

Funny story:  I'm on this photo shoot. I have no idea about High-Fashion and gossip circles of pop culture.  Everyone was flown in from all over the place, mostly NYC.  We did a day of scouting and I lined this creative and directive team out for locations and light.  We had a pretty big crew the day of the shoot.  An RV was rented from John @ Great Alaskan Holidays, hair makeup artists were also flown in from NYC as was creative directors etc.  I was a photographer but for editorial and journalistic purposes, the fashion photographer was from Barcelona via South Beach Miami Via NYC.   And things get rolling; the model she says to me " HI Im Gigi"  RK says something like: "Oh cool nice to meet you, damn its cold out here and your totally pro cause I cant tell that your freezing your ass off when you pose!"  We had an epic all day shoot, and this pro model Gigi totally rocked it, very impressive.  At one point it was less than ten degrees, we were all on top of Alyeska resort with snow cats shooting winter scenes for a catalog.  All of us bundled up in down parkas except for the model who was wearing a fantastic knit sweater a skirt with tights and heels.  A rad day no doubt but just another day at the office right! ?  Well  this changed when I tell my fashion photographer friend Josh Martinez.  He instantly started flipping out; "OMG GIGI HADID, NO WAY!"  We look up pictures of Gigi.  Models, they change hair color, eyebrow color, cloths, styles etc, So I see a few pictures and well, yea.. that looks like her, striking chin etc etc totally her... yep.  And then it was this professional head trip.  'OMG what was that?... how close was I to this epic fashion shoot, this is an epic opportunity what to do with it?'  Totally freaking right.  Two days goes by with me having this bubbly mostly uncomfortable feeling of both potential and missing out all at once until I get an email from a producer that says: " I think you thought the model was Gigi Hadid and really it was GIGI.......

Can I roll my eyes at myself any harder?  Seriously how funny!  I just have to laugh at the head spin that one did to me.  I'll do my best to learn from this.  SO when you are going to take a picture, What is your intention for that photo?  How is it going to be used?  Are you selling it?  To who??  These are vital questions to a working photographer, the artist should ask: How will I display this?  What will I print it on?  Is it cold or is it warm?  What am I trying to say?

It's an ongoing journey to say the least.  Well enough of that, enjoy some photos.


I’m honored by your interest dear website viewer!  Please leave comments,  I love to hear from you all.  

 - rk



So many weddings, but each one is so touching and so sweet, Look at this blissful newlywed moment from Alix & Hans this last fall.

RKP_alix & hans (1 of 1)RKP_alix & hans (1 of 1)


This is photography @ f1.2

RKP_Yanet Portrait (4 of 4)RKP_Yanet Portrait (4 of 4)

Getting er' done winning the peoples choice but not the official big air @ Alyeska's Competition.  RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-7RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-7

Yellowstone National Park California, Frozen & In Motion.  This one makes me feel like a little kid! RKP_water & Ice (1 of 1)-2RKP_water & Ice (1 of 1)-2

We can thank Asha seen here for her lovely and inspirational artwork in the book: Be Here Now, Now Be Here by Ram Dass.  Truly an Honor to photograph!

RKP_Asha (1 of 1)-2RKP_Asha (1 of 1)-2

Lynsey Dyer is an artist before she's an athlete.  She is extremely dynamic, this is a side of her few have seen but it's more wholesome than it looks, she is defending her right to be human, to make mistakes and to be herself.  Funny how that's hard for others, for you to be yourself and to be human!  Ever experience that?! Thank you for your courage Lynsey!   RKP-LDstrength (1 of 1)-12RKP-LDstrength (1 of 1)-12

Not this bear, but another bear stole and ate all my food this late fall.  Im sure that bear is sleeping happy, this one was still awake! RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-2RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-2


The goods are @ Alyeska Resort! RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-8RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-8

Lynsey Dyer Skiing Pow @ Alyeska Resort Dec 4 2015

RKP_lynsey (1 of 1)RKP_lynsey (1 of 1) RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-4RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-4

Waldo Is not that lost after all. RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-6RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-6

LEZ Zepplin rocks to a sold out show @ Alyeska, Waldo was in the crowd. RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-3RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-3

These Next two images I shot from the hip using a 50 1.2  The first is a musician the second was either hair or makeup or both from NYC.

RKP_Alix&hans4fb (1 of 1)-4RKP_Alix&hans4fb (1 of 1)-4 RKP_Alyeska  (1 of 1)-2RKP_Alyeska (1 of 1)-2

The Quickly & personally Infamous Catalog shoot. RKP_Alyeska  (1 of 1)-3RKP_Alyeska (1 of 1)-3

RKP_Alix&hans4fb (2 of 4)RKP_Alix&hans4fb (2 of 4)

Real Life @ a wedding party.  I enjoyed my light set-up here Using Speed lights.  And although one of these people is out of focus the series was not perfect, in another someone had their hands down their pants... Its just the fun lighting RKP_Asha (2 of 7)RKP_Asha (2 of 7)

Deshutes Beer dinner @ Alyeska resort RKP_Beer&Dinner (1 of 1)RKP_Beer&Dinner (1 of 1)

Man Myth And in your upcoming Totally rad Content from Go pro the One and Only Marshall Miller!

  RKP_Brosefs (1 of 1)-2RKP_Brosefs (1 of 1)-2


This Woman owns AND is captain of a 60' salmon fishing boat on the prince william sound that SHE BUILT!  Inspiring to say the least.

RKP_ChugachPeral (1 of 1)-4RKP_ChugachPeral (1 of 1)-4



Suz Ghram in her Happy place.

RKP_Brosefs (1 of 1)-3RKP_Brosefs (1 of 1)-3


AK Pete gets a wave late summer RKP_Boretide (1 of 1)RKP_Boretide (1 of 1)

It was Turkey Time @ Alyeska Resort! RKP_Turkeydinner (2 of 21)RKP_Turkeydinner (2 of 21)

Yellowstone National Park: From the upcoming Series By yours truly Frozen & In Motion.   RKP_water & Ice (1 of 1)-3RKP_water & Ice (1 of 1)-3


RKP-LDstrength (1 of 1)-9RKP-LDstrength (1 of 1)-9

This Happened. RKP_ALY_Haloween15 (1 of 7)RKP_ALY_Haloween15 (1 of 7)

Lynz works extremely hard for you-all and it shows!

RKP-LDstrength (1 of 1)-2RKP-LDstrength (1 of 1)-2

I expect to see much more of this (eloping photo shoots)  in the coming year! RKP_Mike & Callie (1 of 1)-2RKP_Mike & Callie (1 of 1)-2

A new Alaskan exploring and enjoying the turnagain arm SUP style.  Interesting to see how much I LOVE the sun in my photos as a supporting subject.  RKP_Lynzsup (1 of 1)-2RKP_Lynzsup (1 of 1)-2

OK SO when a Photog is really excited and wants you to do something like " GO STAND OVER in that SPOT!" you should really really Go and stand in That SPot! and at least start doing what is suggested.   RKP (1 of 1)RKP (1 of 1)

Alix & Hans about in Vermont about ready to get hitched!  Quite the dynamic and artistic couple.  Congratulations are due to everyone cause these two are special and were all so lucky to have them!

RKP_Alix&hans4fb (1 of 1)-3RKP_Alix&hans4fb (1 of 1)-3

So that bear from before, She is gracing the back of a catalog right now with her friend the Crow.

  Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 4.19.10 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-24 at 4.19.10 PM


Thanks for looking through all of these.  I hope they were at the least entertaining to you, and perhaps even inspirational.    

! Rock on !     - RK

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Time flies one click at a time https://www.ralphkristopher.com/blog/2014/9/time-flies-one-click-at-a-time HELLO :)

Lots of fantastic life since my last post.  Weddings galore, including an amazing wedding in Germany, east of Berlin in a Castle.  This last winter was also fruitful I found myself filming for Pretty Faces and working with some athletes flying around in helicopters in the Chugach mountains of Alaska. Ill Let the photos speak for themselves Here ya go:



Hand Held for 4.5 seconds!!! :)  The Castle of Love was once a Soviet boarding school.  And here from a fantastic wedding in east Germany.  RKP_A&M2014 (1 of 1)-9RKP_A&M2014 (1 of 1)-9




KOVI rips up Valdez

RKP_ april valdez (23 of 33)RKP_ april valdez (23 of 33)

Speed Riding is taking off in AK in a big way! RKP_blog 2014 (4 of 20)RKP_blog 2014 (4 of 20)Valdez/ Thompson Pass Alaska 2014. Speed Fly Triston Bucanan From Thompson Pass looking into the Valley of the Tusk. RKP_blog 2014 (7 of 20)RKP_blog 2014 (7 of 20)Valdez/ Thompson Pass Alaska 2014. Speed Fly Mike Wilson cat naps. RKP_blog 2014 (6 of 20)RKP_blog 2014 (6 of 20)Valdez/ Thompson Pass Alaska 2014. Speed Fly A lucky guy and his lovely Bride  RKP_blog 2014 (5 of 19)RKP_blog 2014 (5 of 19)

I dream of this light, the fantastic long lingering magic that lasts hours and hours in early spring in AK.

RKP_blog 2014 (2 of 20)RKP_blog 2014 (2 of 20)Valdez/ Thompson Pass Alaska 2014. Chugach Velvet Pow... will someone please hurry up and do something rad in this light already!!

"Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world" RKP_blog 2014 (9 of 19)RKP_blog 2014 (9 of 19) Although wedding photography is demanding and often just plain chaos in action it is also very rewarding to bring something so important, and give something so special to my clients.

RKP_blog 2014 (10 of 19)RKP_blog 2014 (10 of 19)

Flying in Helicopters has to be one of the best perks of being a Photographer in Alaska.  RKP_blog 2014 (10 of 20)RKP_blog 2014 (10 of 20)Valdez/ Thompson Pass Alaska 2014. Speed Fly More of that Alaskan magic light. RKP_blog 2014 (9 of 20)RKP_blog 2014 (9 of 20)Valdez/ Thompson Pass Alaska 2014. Speed Fly Oh yes these ladies knew how to have fun and look good for the special day. RKP_blog 2014 (12 of 19)RKP_blog 2014 (12 of 19)

Mike Wilson loving life.

RKP_blog 2014 (11 of 20)RKP_blog 2014 (11 of 20)Mike Wilson, In his element. Marcus Baker, Alaska RKP_blog 2014 (11 of 19)RKP_blog 2014 (11 of 19)

A Helicopter named Oprah RKP_blog 2014 (12 of 20)RKP_blog 2014 (12 of 20)Valdez/ Thompson Pass Alaska 2014. Speed Fly

Hanging with the boys; and one lady. RKP_blog 2014 (13 of 19)RKP_blog 2014 (13 of 19) RKP_blog 2014 (14 of 19)RKP_blog 2014 (14 of 19)


Standing on the shoulder of Mt Marcus Baker  RKP_blog 2014 (14 of 20)RKP_blog 2014 (14 of 20)My Ride buzzes by, Summit Ridge, Marcus Baker Alaska. Shooting still photographs from a Heli, door off, is like firing a machine gun from a moving target at a moving target.  So much is moving around you, the centrifical forces are pushing and pulling you around.  Harnessed in, but having my feet out the door the wind rushing over my hands and camera creates an effect, you realize there is a speed at which you can't hold let alone aim and fire a camera with much of a desired function at those moments you just hold on and hope your hands do what you beg them too.  But its the view you can get from a Heli that is just unsurpassed.  This Shot is Carson Klein who is totally rocking it on the World Wing Suit racing circuit.  Totally amazing to watch Carson, he is a human eagle in so many ways. Sending a big shout out to him and all the Human Birds as they head to China for the next race.

RKP_blog 2014 (13 of 20)RKP_blog 2014 (13 of 20)Carson Klien, Mt Marcus Baker, Alaska RKP_blog 2014 (16 of 19)RKP_blog 2014 (16 of 19)

Carson Klein putting his wings on.  RKP_blog 2014 (15 of 20)RKP_blog 2014 (15 of 20)Valdez/ Thompson Pass Alaska 2014. Speed Fly RKP_blog 2014 (17 of 19)RKP_blog 2014 (17 of 19) RKP_blog 2014 (18 of 19)RKP_blog 2014 (18 of 19) RKP_blog 2014 (19 of 19)RKP_blog 2014 (19 of 19)

I love the patterns of snow as seen from above.  No you shouldn't attempt to walk or ski here but looking at it, yea thats safe.

RKP_blog 2014 (20 of 20)RKP_blog 2014 (20 of 20)chugach texture


RKP_blog 2014 (1 of 19)RKP_blog 2014 (1 of 19)

Lynsey Dyer And Rachel Burks after victory filming in the Northern Chugach for Pretty Faces.

RKP_ PrettyFaces (33 of 72)RKP_ PrettyFaces (33 of 72)


Ingrid Backstrom smiles big.

RKP_ PrettyFaces (57 of 72)RKP_ PrettyFaces (57 of 72)


Rachel Burks and Lynsey Dyer, Quite a combo to photograph, lets do that again!

RKP_ PrettyFaces (33 of 42)RKP_ PrettyFaces (33 of 42)


Doing the dip, ok ladies take note, one could be a little more relaxed and be sure to show off your shoes.   RKP_blog 2014 (2 of 19)RKP_blog 2014 (2 of 19)


I send my love and peace to all of my friends family and relations.  The patterns of our life are fractal just as in images of nature, we are truly expressions of the universe that birthed us.  I am available for photography and film projects, so let me know if you have anything going on.  


- RK

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Sea Kayaking n fun https://www.ralphkristopher.com/blog/2013/8/sea-kayaking-n-fun There is so much to do, see and experience if you can be tough enough to endure Alaskan Weather!  I have good friends for this kind of endeavor we ventured out onto the Prince William Sound for kayaking and adventure.  I think it is funny, when your an artist, what you end up taking pictures of after awhile.  All this epic coast line, water falls, rain forests, glaciers and beyond.  Such an impossible environment for photo gear, especially this last trip; everything was soaked, even while wearing a Dry Suit with rubber gaskets and a hood; still I felt wet somehow!  Likely because one couldn't touch anything dry without totally slobbering it with ocean, rain, silt or desperate snack food grease!  So with all this epic scenery around on so many levels this next shot is what was inspiring me and what I pulled my camera out for:

RKP_1-1_Focus_Water_Fuid_N_Frozen (1 of 1)


ICE  aka frozen Water!

Its apart of a very special print series/ show coming soon.  "Frozen & In-Motion; a Focus on Water" 


It took a lot to get to the ice; journey not the destination right?!  it was in fact a trip of mostly just getting to the ice and back via a fun loving experience seeking crew of 2.  We  just did our best to stay alive and dry and enjoy the beauty that is Alaska!   here are some snap shots:

RKP_Kirsten (1 of 1)-6 RKP_Kirsten (1 of 1)-7

Yes this is me having fun.


SOmeone had a good time! :)

RKP_Kirsten (1 of 1)-5 RKP_Kirsten (1 of 1)-2


I realize im leaving out quite a bit in this blog.. like 20 weddings or something... I will get to sharing a few of those this fall.  Here are a few hot off the edit line, which is backed up blessedly to a steady busy schedule of commercial and private shoots.

Christina Deseret: RKP_C.Deseret-BW_12 (1 of 1)

Kasilof River, Kenai Alaska

RKP_Kenai dip net (1 of 2)

Kenai River, Alaska; Dip Netting and Subsistance Fishing

RKP_Kenai dip net (1 of 1)

I will announce formally the print series and perhaps even launch a new website once the weather turns to unbearable without any chance of fun.  

rock on!


[email protected] (Ralph Kristopher) https://www.ralphkristopher.com/blog/2013/8/sea-kayaking-n-fun Sat, 24 Aug 2013 07:50:18 GMT
Tell and show https://www.ralphkristopher.com/blog/2013/5/maybe-ill-share-a-few-photos-and-words Camera Obscura you arouse me and yet our relations are fickle and clouded by circumstance.  I see my minds eye through your wizards glass, through infinite lenses of possibility if the world were not set in dollars and cents.  Alas I will always see endless potential through lenses for which I  have no dollars, leaving me to dream of new dimensions and new realms of possibility as I click away, capturing at my best.  Infinite novelty consumes me as I compose, expose, express and click away, I realize that as I do my best it is far from all and can never be the rest.

Fractal reflections, the combination and the blending of units in time, light, form structure and intelegence observed.  My perspective forced upon you or just an eye given to me to share.  Not much else really makes sense to me, but the shutter, light, form, timing, composition, subject and its relation to some greater whole.  After some time one sees the novelty around, I think it is natural to want to share and express it.  Photography is indeed an art through and through; the visual finished product is one I love, in print and nowhere else.  But I suppose better seen and experienced on your screen than not.  So Ill say no more but footnotes from here on... ENjoy! :)













An R44 flight deep into the Chugach.

RKP_Heli TOur May 2013 (9 of 26)





Light and textures, ... how many types of snow here?!


RKP_Heli TOur May 2013 (7 of 26)





I must be a fan of the female form.  As seen on this beast of a mountain


RKP_Heli TOur May 2013 (2 of 26)






Pretty sweet.. did I see that mountain in some porn film? Gosh I'm gonna have to watch em all again!



RKP_Heli TOur May 2013 (4 of 26)






One of those guys..



RKP_Heli TOur May 2013 (10 of 26)













 these textures go on for miles, by miles i mean like forever!

RKP_Heli TOur May 2013 (19 of 26)






Ansel Adams, dont you wish you had a Heli?!!


RKP_Heli TOur May 2013 (5 of 26)





        Mt. Gannet and an r44



RKP_Heli TOur May 2013 (13 of 26)





      So look above to see this same snow/ ice feature for scale, I do think it is ski-base-able! 


RKP_Heli TOur May 2013 (14 of 26)






       THe blood and the veins of the Earth.


RKP_Heli TOur May 2013 (25 of 26)






MT MARCUS BAKER and my dirty sensor 


RKP_Heli TOur May 2013 (18 of 26)






        Friends and I hiked the cool-y on the left! Its way bigger than even we thought! You can still kinda see our boot pack some 2 weeks later.

RKP_Heli TOur May 2013 (26 of 26)





                I moonlight as a portrait shooter and ran across this fantastically talented skier woman artist friend globe trotter who knows how to work the other side of a lens, here is a sneak peak: 


RKP_LD2013 (45 of 119)






RKP_LD2013 (113 of 119)






RKP_LD2013 (17 of 119)


Next Up: A few weddings.   ROck on! :)

[email protected] (Ralph Kristopher) Alix Blog Chugach Dyer Glacier Heli Ice Klien Lynsey Mountain Mt Gannet Mt. Marcus Baker R44 Ralph Kristopher Snow Speed Riding Texture https://www.ralphkristopher.com/blog/2013/5/maybe-ill-share-a-few-photos-and-words Thu, 30 May 2013 07:51:32 GMT
Haines AK, Post One https://www.ralphkristopher.com/blog/2013/4/haines-ak-post-one It has been Ten years Since I was in Haines so needless to say im excited to check out and get into the mountains that I remember seeing only form a distance so many years ago.   A friend and I drove the wild drive from south centeral through the Yukon and then into South East AK and Haines.  Weve been here a fair bit and it has finally snowed 'resetting' the mountains that were heavily skied.  So instead of skiing we have been travling over land to remote mountain playgrounds via snowmobile.  Here are a few shots:


The Yukon from the truck:

RKP_Hainesak13 (1 of 1)-7 Yea thats why we were going slow.. dumb ass!

RKP_Hainesak13 (1 of 2) Were standing on the side of a slush icy slick road digging the Jeep guy and this dude is not slowing down at all.. crazy truckers.. we saw his skid marks and evidence of a wild out of control near death moment a few miles later!

RKP_Hainesak13 (2 of 2) Yea Patrick!

RKP_Hainesak13 (1 of 1)-6

Ran Into GiGi and his crew filming near this peak.
RKP_Hainesak13 (1 of 1)-5 Wild.

RKP_Hainesak13 (1 of 1)-4 Adventure with a Braaaaaaaaaaaaaap

RKP_Hainesak13 (1 of 1)-2 The landscape is so huge its impossible to put things into proper scale until you get someone or something you can wrap your brain around next to it or underneath it and then your fully blown away!

RKP_Hainesak13 (1 of 1)-3

I dont want to know what this looks like in the summer, its truly amazing right now!

RKP_Hainesak13 (1 of 1)-9


RKP_Hainesak13 (1 of 1)-8 Local Haines and 33 mile 'Van' bought a crew of us a round saying "Live LIfe and be Happy, Cheers!!"  

RKP_Hainesak13 (1 of 1)

More to come as we ski soon! :)

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Minds Eye https://www.ralphkristopher.com/blog/2013/3/minds-eye RKP_blog (1 of 1)-20

Freedom comes in images, at least from a very specific plain of reality. But this is my point,  every moment is more than your reality alone as you see it or even experience it.

RKP_blog (1 of 1)-17

 When you take a picture, or create an image we freeze time, but again not the base unit of time, this would be impossible but a collection of a few fractions of a second to smear together an abstraction of a moment.   It allows you to take in more, to feel out every nook and cranny packed into each image, each moment.

RKP_blog (1 of 1)-25

 Images are selective by there nature, thats the voice of a photographer, or perhaps just the message, the lighting is the affliction of voice.

RKP_blog (1 of 1)-5

 You will notice sublties in light in exposure, focus all with purpose. It is my strong opinion that images are to be felt, snapshots are just consumed, but true images are both in print and imprinted and leave a feeling of mystery or opening in the mind, heart & or spirit.

RKP_Blog (1 of 1)-2

 They invoke the knowledge of self. They reflect upon self similar to a mirror but in a way more powerful, other dimensional.  See what im saying (pun intended!) ?

RKP_blog (1 of 1)-30 RKP_blog (1 of 1)-9

RKP_Blog (1 of 1)-4


hehe cosmic giggle insert ... ->here


RKP_blog (1 of 1)-28

ok so you likely came here for a few fresh images.  Oh you know me I like my images like wine, a little aged.. too fresh and it's cheap.  Ill post some mountains next.  Till then drive in style, live in expression and enjoy the good stuff!

- RK



RKP_blog (1 of 1)-21


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Summer 2012 https://www.ralphkristopher.com/blog/2012/9/summer-2012 Summer goes by fast. For me it means finding homes for the images created during the past winter as well as drafting up current projects and of course lots of fun, loads of work and a few weddings in between.  Here is a visual journal from a few summer moments:

RKP_Speedfly (6 of 16)

Carson Klein carving up the air at Alyeska on a 10m wing!


RKP_Blog (26 of 30) I have a thing for moody scenics! This from a boat out of Seward. Again, color as shot in camera with a 5d3 and a split ND filter.

RKP_Blog (25 of 30) This will make a fun print, don't you think?  I have been attracted to the fractal geometry of nature since I started, once I was introduced to Eliot Porter by photographer John Fielder when we were in the same Colorado Gallery, since Porters work stands as affirmation Im not the only one who sees this... everywhere.  Prince william sound water off a boats wake shot at close range, 200mm 5d3 1/6400th or so of a second. This shot and several others like it remain some of my personal favorite believe it or not. 

RKP_Blog (22 of 30) alaska in the summer, 

RKP_Blog (15 of 30) This shot was hard to get.  Barely sharp enough to display, but the moment 

RKP_Blog (28 of 30) If your into birds you will like this picture a whole lot more.  Me I just know that other people know what bird this is.. its rare and here it is. :) I know i know...it is a touch soft.. see... Im not a wildlife photog very often.  i had to squeeze the light so hard to get this it was kinda silly.  like 3200 iso, 1/640 5.6 @400 from a moving boat if my memory is right.

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Triston B getting after it on a speed wing at alyeska resort.  Very challenging sport to shoot, so fast, hard to predict, preparation of expected shot almost impossible.  But fun as it gets to watch and shoot.RKP_Speedfly (16 of 16) Carson Klein

RKP_Speedfly (3 of 16) Triston about to get rowdy.

RKP_Blog (5 of 30) Rust, I once saw a show by a photographer who specialized in rusting trains, this is the side of a boat, I loved the color and the fractal patterns.

RKP_Blog (6 of 30) Shooting with a 50 1.2 is kinda like driving a formula one car, super tight, sharp with razor sharp while everything else can be just a blur! 

RKP_Blog (3 of 30) This one is for my step mom who loves boats, especially ones put to pasture.

RKP_Blog (2 of 30) Click, snap crack my dad as shot from the hip, Homer Alaska.

RKP_Blog (1 of 30) My father, the professor as seen through my 50 1.2  my favorite lens at the moment.  



RKP_ Portrait 3 Professional portrait and wedding photography has been kind to me, So has Chugach Peaks Photography that sends me out to weddings and portrait shoots all over the state of Alaska.


Hope Alaska as shot 5D2

5D3 also has fantastic qualities when shot in B&W.  50mm 1.2



1X2A5810 1X2A7173


Weddings are usually fun after all people are happy, in good spirits and having fun.  Do note the use of the word usually! Not everyone has their day how they wanted it.

 Its shots like this last one, where the moment, the photographer and the camera act truly as one and give me a zing.  Moments like that leave me yearning to shoot and dive further into my trade, art, gear and profession.  If you love what you do, and do what you love life is grand.  And so is shooting with my new Canon set up, as far as gear goes i'm in love!

   So your aware, I didn't share some 50k photos. It is truly my pleasure to show everyone a little of what I've been up too.  Some of you know me, some of you don't or are perhaps looking at my website because your looking for a photographer.  Feel free to ask questions, leave comments.  But above all be sure to look about and within and experience the Art Filled World all around.  





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Go Pro Bomb Squad Valdez https://www.ralphkristopher.com/blog/2012/9/goprobombsquad Here is a few special images i'll let out of the bag.  Last spring I teamed up with the Go Pro Bomb Squad for some epic speed riding.  It was a fantastic shoot.  60 Minutes came in and bank rolled us with guides and an A star while they shot for a segment on the Go Pro Cameras.  We had fun to say the least and had some fantastic weather to boot.  This may seem like a late announcement but the images captured during that week made up for much of my computer work this summer.  I can share a couple of these, others you may see around especially with KAVU, and Icebreaker. And if were lucky a few other places.  Enjoy

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Here Is Liam Bartlett and his fantastically crusty and seasoned crew interviewing the Go Pro Bomb Squad, Jesse Hall, Marshall Miller, Neil Amonson as weather moves in outside of Valdez.

RKP_Bomb.S. (19 of 69) Marshall Miller speed riding and getting ready to launch into no-mans land.


RKP_Bomb.S. (24 of 69) we were all in the air here, as much epicness for a photographer in a few short minutes as we usually get in weeks of shooting! RKP_Bomb.S_2 (8 of 42)

Jesse Hall playing with the Glacier.  


RKP_Bomb.S. (30 of 69) I snuck in a little landscape action from the heli.  It was wild the speed riders descended a lot faster than the A-star could, but let me tell you, our pilot was sure doing a good job keeping up.  Which brings me to the other thing.. if I hadn't been tied in I would of flown right out, we were pulling some serious G's making it hard to hold on to a camera!

RKP_Bomb.S. (48 of 69)


RKP_Bomb.S_2 (12 of 42)

The fun loving and stoic Marshall Miller about to get rowdy.


RKP_Bomb.S. (54 of 69)

Jesse Hall

RKP_Bomb.S. (57 of 69) Neil Amonson & Jesse Hall, my lens and if you can see it some pretty fun mountains outside of Valdez.

If you would like to see the rest of these images you can contact me and I'll let you in the site to view em'.  They are under tight security as the production value was high and they must remain virgins if they are to be sold.  Enjoy this sneak peak.


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So Much To Say https://www.ralphkristopher.com/blog/2012/5/so-much-to-say  Considering it is all about communication, sharing and tearing down boundaries, barriers and walls I have a lot to say, a lot to share show and tell.  And although it may be presumptuous to assume you care perhaps I should just allow you to make that decision and put it out there. I suppose if I were asked about my photography I would likely give some long drawn out explanation of my philosophy that everything is connected, boundaries don't exist, and we are here to share, create and explore; which perhaps is off topic.  Images from me, I'm trying to pull you in, to show you but more importantly for you to feel and know. R.K.Mongolia (240 of 273)

My travels in Mongolia and China are to be the topics of future blogs if not publication.  It takes a solid year just to process such a long soak in another cultural cooking pot.  I have emerged with much for myself, but perhaps also for those who are interested in knowing themselves.

Big news: Ive switched to Canon.  This website contains mostly Nikon Film and Digital images, all of Mongolia and China were shot on a D700, the rest are mostly film originals.  The Canon system is allowing me to grow as a photographer and although I miss somethings about the Nikon I know I have made a good decision for myself.   I am also excited to announce an upcoming show of prints as promised.  I am aiming for the fall of 2012 for such a show and will contain special extremely limited signed prints.  Its going to be the start of several different shows, as I plan to share my love for several different genres. 

R.K.Mongolia (53 of 273)

Often people will ask me what I like to take pictures of, whats my genera or subject.  "Yea right!  As if Im interested in just one thing."  I feel photography is like music in someways, it has a flow, it has a feel, a beat, a rhythm and of course all works have some kind of composition!  As an artist Im interesting in expressing the given moment with upmost care, attention to technical options that best express or that best pass along knowledge realized from that moment.  Its not really about being perfect, out of focus from an artists perception is fair game, as exposure helps make sure you see what I want you to see so you can feel what ever it is you are going to feel.  To answer the question though: I love photojournalism, its the most fun for me, I love to interact with my environment and tell you the story I see.  Fine Art photography is so difficult to pin down, totally subjective and for me my favorite images fall into a category I call abstract but then again photography is always an abstract.  Adrenaline sports rock my world, as a photographer and an athlete the adventures and the challenges in this genre of photography excite and fulfill me in a very unique way.  Its a symbiosis of athlete and photographer that is so unique.RalphKristopher (125 of 169)

Music has a rhythm and so does the act of photography.  Your subject has a beet, a flow of movement, expression and perhaps even emotion.  These patterns are fractal and in accordance to the natural ebb and flow of all things.  If you tap into your subjects deeply enough you will know when the moment will come, when the shutter should drop, and if your an artist you will know what else to do.  So also musicians are a ton of fun to work with, of all kinds!  People love good photos of themselves so its always just fun and rewarding to capture personalities, moments for everyone to hold on to declare as their own in some way.

RalphKristopher (134 of 169)

So Im curious, this has been a ramble and although honestly I'm not convinced many people will care, but if you made it this far what do you think about it all.  Please don't be shy lay it on us!   I will write some more, and perhaps next time if I'm in the mood in a much more focused manner.  After all I have So Much To Say!

rock on


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