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Hello dear website viewer.  How is your day?  How is your imagination?  Is your imagination connected to your daily life?  I remember my childhood imagination, a passion a blissful state of wonder and discovery.  At times I come in contact with this child, still alive and wanting to connect more with my adult self.  It is at  these times when I sit and look at some of the images I've been created that I find a piece of youthful euphoria, it is a reflection of self experience, of a shared experience.  

People often ask me  "how to take a picture".  Such a loaded question but, I think it's about identifying the elements and paying attention to each one and the relations to themselves.  But I want to ask WHY take a picture.  Ya see, ya' cant always know before hand, or the reasons you thought turned out to be so different to the value of the image later.   I've been working on a series for a few years now and I guess have been slowly releasing images from this series.  It's an artists work, our vision sometimes is so particular we have no need to rush but only to wait for the right images to fall into creation through organic process.  Here are a few from my Frozen & In Motion Project, Ice & Water, a focus (this is a working title).  It's fantastically rewarding to me on a very personal level, I cant express the fun of this except to recall my blissful states of wonder and discovery I had in my youth.  


The Snow is falling and it is full-on winter here in Alaska.  I find myself quite fortunate to have the opportunity to photograph Lynsey Dyer and work with local guides,skiers and athletes such as Jeff Hoke, Karl & Maeve Lavtar.  There are a plethora of fantastically unique and gifted people here in Alaska, I find myself inspired by long time locals of all types.  Life is not easy but as long as you really like the hard it's not that bad. 

Funny story:  I'm on this photo shoot. I have no idea about High-Fashion and gossip circles of pop culture.  Everyone was flown in from all over the place, mostly NYC.  We did a day of scouting and I lined this creative and directive team out for locations and light.  We had a pretty big crew the day of the shoot.  An RV was rented from John @ Great Alaskan Holidays, hair makeup artists were also flown in from NYC as was creative directors etc.  I was a photographer but for editorial and journalistic purposes, the fashion photographer was from Barcelona via South Beach Miami Via NYC.   And things get rolling; the model she says to me " HI Im Gigi"  RK says something like: "Oh cool nice to meet you, damn its cold out here and your totally pro cause I cant tell that your freezing your ass off when you pose!"  We had an epic all day shoot, and this pro model Gigi totally rocked it, very impressive.  At one point it was less than ten degrees, we were all on top of Alyeska resort with snow cats shooting winter scenes for a catalog.  All of us bundled up in down parkas except for the model who was wearing a fantastic knit sweater a skirt with tights and heels.  A rad day no doubt but just another day at the office right! ?  Well  this changed when I tell my fashion photographer friend Josh Martinez.  He instantly started flipping out; "OMG GIGI HADID, NO WAY!"  We look up pictures of Gigi.  Models, they change hair color, eyebrow color, cloths, styles etc, So I see a few pictures and well, yea.. that looks like her, striking chin etc etc totally her... yep.  And then it was this professional head trip.  'OMG what was that?... how close was I to this epic fashion shoot, this is an epic opportunity what to do with it?'  Totally freaking right.  Two days goes by with me having this bubbly mostly uncomfortable feeling of both potential and missing out all at once until I get an email from a producer that says: " I think you thought the model was Gigi Hadid and really it was GIGI.......

Can I roll my eyes at myself any harder?  Seriously how funny!  I just have to laugh at the head spin that one did to me.  I'll do my best to learn from this.  SO when you are going to take a picture, What is your intention for that photo?  How is it going to be used?  Are you selling it?  To who??  These are vital questions to a working photographer, the artist should ask: How will I display this?  What will I print it on?  Is it cold or is it warm?  What am I trying to say?

It's an ongoing journey to say the least.  Well enough of that, enjoy some photos.


I’m honored by your interest dear website viewer!  Please leave comments,  I love to hear from you all.  

 - rk



So many weddings, but each one is so touching and so sweet, Look at this blissful newlywed moment from Alix & Hans this last fall.

RKP_alix & hans (1 of 1)RKP_alix & hans (1 of 1)


This is photography @ f1.2

RKP_Yanet Portrait (4 of 4)RKP_Yanet Portrait (4 of 4)

Getting er' done winning the peoples choice but not the official big air @ Alyeska's Competition.  RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-7RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-7

Yellowstone National Park California, Frozen & In Motion.  This one makes me feel like a little kid! RKP_water & Ice (1 of 1)-2RKP_water & Ice (1 of 1)-2

We can thank Asha seen here for her lovely and inspirational artwork in the book: Be Here Now, Now Be Here by Ram Dass.  Truly an Honor to photograph!

RKP_Asha (1 of 1)-2RKP_Asha (1 of 1)-2

Lynsey Dyer is an artist before she's an athlete.  She is extremely dynamic, this is a side of her few have seen but it's more wholesome than it looks, she is defending her right to be human, to make mistakes and to be herself.  Funny how that's hard for others, for you to be yourself and to be human!  Ever experience that?! Thank you for your courage Lynsey!   RKP-LDstrength (1 of 1)-12RKP-LDstrength (1 of 1)-12

Not this bear, but another bear stole and ate all my food this late fall.  Im sure that bear is sleeping happy, this one was still awake! RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-2RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-2


The goods are @ Alyeska Resort! RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-8RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-8

Lynsey Dyer Skiing Pow @ Alyeska Resort Dec 4 2015

RKP_lynsey (1 of 1)RKP_lynsey (1 of 1) RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-4RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-4

Waldo Is not that lost after all. RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-6RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-6

LEZ Zepplin rocks to a sold out show @ Alyeska, Waldo was in the crowd. RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-3RKP_S&R (1 of 1)-3

These Next two images I shot from the hip using a 50 1.2  The first is a musician the second was either hair or makeup or both from NYC.

RKP_Alix&hans4fb (1 of 1)-4RKP_Alix&hans4fb (1 of 1)-4 RKP_Alyeska  (1 of 1)-2RKP_Alyeska (1 of 1)-2

The Quickly & personally Infamous Catalog shoot. RKP_Alyeska  (1 of 1)-3RKP_Alyeska (1 of 1)-3

RKP_Alix&hans4fb (2 of 4)RKP_Alix&hans4fb (2 of 4)

Real Life @ a wedding party.  I enjoyed my light set-up here Using Speed lights.  And although one of these people is out of focus the series was not perfect, in another someone had their hands down their pants... Its just the fun lighting RKP_Asha (2 of 7)RKP_Asha (2 of 7)

Deshutes Beer dinner @ Alyeska resort RKP_Beer&Dinner (1 of 1)RKP_Beer&Dinner (1 of 1)

Man Myth And in your upcoming Totally rad Content from Go pro the One and Only Marshall Miller!

  RKP_Brosefs (1 of 1)-2RKP_Brosefs (1 of 1)-2


This Woman owns AND is captain of a 60' salmon fishing boat on the prince william sound that SHE BUILT!  Inspiring to say the least.

RKP_ChugachPeral (1 of 1)-4RKP_ChugachPeral (1 of 1)-4



Suz Ghram in her Happy place.

RKP_Brosefs (1 of 1)-3RKP_Brosefs (1 of 1)-3


AK Pete gets a wave late summer RKP_Boretide (1 of 1)RKP_Boretide (1 of 1)

It was Turkey Time @ Alyeska Resort! RKP_Turkeydinner (2 of 21)RKP_Turkeydinner (2 of 21)

Yellowstone National Park: From the upcoming Series By yours truly Frozen & In Motion.   RKP_water & Ice (1 of 1)-3RKP_water & Ice (1 of 1)-3


RKP-LDstrength (1 of 1)-9RKP-LDstrength (1 of 1)-9

This Happened. RKP_ALY_Haloween15 (1 of 7)RKP_ALY_Haloween15 (1 of 7)

Lynz works extremely hard for you-all and it shows!

RKP-LDstrength (1 of 1)-2RKP-LDstrength (1 of 1)-2

I expect to see much more of this (eloping photo shoots)  in the coming year! RKP_Mike & Callie (1 of 1)-2RKP_Mike & Callie (1 of 1)-2

A new Alaskan exploring and enjoying the turnagain arm SUP style.  Interesting to see how much I LOVE the sun in my photos as a supporting subject.  RKP_Lynzsup (1 of 1)-2RKP_Lynzsup (1 of 1)-2

OK SO when a Photog is really excited and wants you to do something like " GO STAND OVER in that SPOT!" you should really really Go and stand in That SPot! and at least start doing what is suggested.   RKP (1 of 1)RKP (1 of 1)

Alix & Hans about in Vermont about ready to get hitched!  Quite the dynamic and artistic couple.  Congratulations are due to everyone cause these two are special and were all so lucky to have them!

RKP_Alix&hans4fb (1 of 1)-3RKP_Alix&hans4fb (1 of 1)-3

So that bear from before, She is gracing the back of a catalog right now with her friend the Crow.

  Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 4.19.10 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-24 at 4.19.10 PM


Thanks for looking through all of these.  I hope they were at the least entertaining to you, and perhaps even inspirational.    

! Rock on !     - RK


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What an great photographer you are! Dynamic pictures tell stories and you capture them! Wow!
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