Fine Art Photography Collectible Print Series From Ralph Kristopher


Frozen Motion 

The Frozen Motion series from Ralph Kristopher focuses upon three elements of the ineffable, Form light and frequency.  The temporary natures of water, ice are both in flow and in motion.  Using an artistic passion and decades of technical mastery behind the lens Kristopher has captured and collected Images for Frozen Motion all around the world searching under and inside glaciers and along remote glaciated ocean fjords for ancient and new ice.  From ice melts of the mountainous regions of the world to springs, rivers and streams flowing through all seasons and land.  Frozen Motion discovers and explores the frequencies of H2O in its many states fining harmonics of form both photographed at the higest speeds of photography and at times the slowest for ice.  Light dances with, across and through these images leaving the viewer with an awareness and transforming space in feel and flow.   Find images of ancient ice cooling any room, flowing water stopped in action to reveal a thought provoking expression of itself.



Alaskan Greatest Hits Print series from Ralph Kristopher

Ralph is thrilled to offer for sale prints from the Great State of Alaska. You have seen his work used for commercial representation and in web and commercial use media for some time.  For the first time ever Ralph offers his most iconic imagery for sale as a collectable limited edition prints.  Images range in size, subject while print mediums are selected to fit the image and ordered to the highest standards of quality by Ralph himself.  Alaskan Greatest Hits Prints will transform a gathering space with a special iconic fine crafted image to fuel a sense of wonder and appreciation of this great last frontier we call Alaska!