Ralph Kristopher & The Art of the Moment Photography 


    If you want a wedding that is as unique and memorable as your love, you need Ralph Kristopher, the world-renowned wedding photographer who has traveled the globe and captured the beauty of love in diverse and challenging settings. Ralph Kristopher has over 32 years of experience and a professional career spanning two decades, and he is a master of his craft who can adapt to any style and scenario. He can produce breathtaking images that are both gorgeous and unforgettable, conveying the personality and emotion of a couple. Ralph has been photographing weddings for over two decades, earning accolades for his technical proficiency and artistic vision. Ralph Kristopher specializes in luxury destination and adventure weddings in Alaska and beyond, offering customized wedding packages that can include helicopters for couples portraits to explore the stunning Alaskan wilderness. Ralph Kristopher’s unique perspective and attention to detail enable him to capture your love in some of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world. He is also a master event photographer who engages with people and crowds to produce memorable moments and photographs. Contact Ralph Kristopher today for a free consultation and let him make your dream wedding come true!