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RK Presents Fractal Dimensions

First Exploration:
Frozen And In Motion An exploration into the patterns of ice and flowing water.

Frozen And In Motion is a body of work that flirts with three continents and was created over more than seven years. As an artist, this is what moves me: this rich texture, a drama of light, of impossibly still yet fleeting moments. Like the beat of a butterfly's wing, a drop of water, a ripple in a pond happened; its effects reverberate to this day in this physical motion and stillness. These moments are a part of our natural history and are a part of our shared experience. I'm thrilled to tease you with these images. For a deeper look into the vault, contact me directly.

I feel these images are important because they are pictures of self. Conceptually, the greatest need of humanity is to re-identify self not as what we see in a mirror, but self as the body of the planet and beyond. This is self in its different states, we are a part of it, it is a part of us. These are fractal dimensions of the whole they are both Frozen and In Motion.