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Moody Mountains of Alaska is a stunning collection of photographs by Ralph Kristopher, an artist and adventurer who spent seven years exploring the remote and rugged mountain ranges of Alaska. Kristopher captured the beauty and personality of these mountains, which are constantly changing and evolving due to natural forces such as wind, erosion, freeze-thaw cycles, and tectonic movements. He used his artistic skills and vision to create images that emphasize the form, light, and shadow of these majestic landscapes.

Kristopher’s journey was not an easy one. He had to learn how to ride a snowmachine in mountain terrain, as well as how to navigate and travel in avalanche-prone areas. He also had to face the dangers of crossing glaciers with no formal training available for winter travel over glaciers with snowmachines. He carried a cravass rescue kit, a GPS satellite communication device, radios, and a survival kit. He often traveled with friends and athletes, but he also had to rely on his own instincts and courage.

Moody Mountains of Alaska is a limited edition print series that aims to transform spaces and inspire viewers. The large format prints transport the audience to the presence of these magnificent mountains, and invite them to reflect on their own inner strength and impermanence. Kristopher says: “Meditating and connecting with the many changes of a mountain’s visual presentation was reflective of my own personal journeys. I loved the highlights and resonated deeply with the contrasting shadows. As an artist I was excited to harness my technical skill and tools to bring a new way of experiencing these moody mountains of Alaska, to share their presence in the way I experienced them.”

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