Portraits by Ralph Kristopher

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Just a few moments in front of Ralphs lens will create memories for a lifetime.  Ralph is available to tag along your vacations for candids, hike in to special locations for formal landscape portraits and even studio sessions.  Very popular are the two hour mini adventure portrait sessions around Girdwood, Portage and the Turnagain Arm areas.  Ralph uses portable lighting equipment and natural light and provides you with a variety of color and classic black and wight images.  You receive a full gallery of edited images on a private web gallery where you can download, share, print yourself or order prints and more. 

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Senior/ Graduation

You're graduating from high school!  Wow, cool lets show you off.  Its a thing to have pictures taken at this time as you are likely well aware of and we have some boxes to check off for parents and yearbooks and of course Grandparents refrigerators.  This is a time for you to show us who you are so bring outfit changes and even sport props, art supplies, or invite me along to an outing thats meaningful to you and we can capture the ‘you’ you want to show off!

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    Our young humans are so special and also quite a handful.  Capturing quality portraits is so important for our memories and for their own future reflections as adults of this time.  Ralph is able to capture striking candid portraits of your children best while they enjoy an activity.  Hire Ralph for a custom portrait session.

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