Wedding and Event Photography


Ralph Kristopher is a globetrotting event photographer with over 32 years of experience and a professional career spanning two decades. He is a childhood photography prodigy who has honed his craft over the years to become one of the most sought-after photographers in the world. Ralph’s skills are diverse, making him the perfect choice for dynamic and difficult assignments, especially when the photo cannot be missed.

Ralph uses his stage presence to direct large group photos, making sure everyone is in place and looking their best. He is also a fun and participatory event photographer himself, making sure everyone is having a great time while he captures the perfect shot. Ralph’s advanced lighting techniques are perfect for lighting large rooms, groups, buildings, and other subjects in the background or foreground.

Ralph is also known for his wildly creative approach to photography. He has an eye for detail and a unique perspective that allows him to capture stunning images that are both beautiful and memorable. Ralph’s photography skills extend beyond just capturing candid and formal portraits. He also has an eye for capturing details and landscapes of the venue, which can add depth and context to your event photos.

If you’re looking for an event photographer who can capture your special moments with style and flair, look no further than Ralph Kristopher. He offers custom packages based on your needs, so you can get exactly what you want out of your photography experience. Contact him today for a free consultation.